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Lady Grey

Sire:  Ludworth Adam  Dam:  Lowthwaite Vanity

1999 Imported Grey Fell Mare
Approx. 13.2 H
FPS Registration No. FP3347*
Breeder:  Mrs. P.M. Kell
Ludworth, Co. Durham, England

More Pedigree Information


(Above and Left)  Lady in spring 2007, ridden by our niece, Anna Tucker

Lady has a fabulous temperament and is extremely laid-back!  She was successfully shown in hand as a youngster in the UK prior to import and was always in the ribbons.  She looks very much like her sire in overall type -- short-coupled with lots of bone and feather.  Her sire, Ludworth Adam, is a proficient jumper and very successful competitor in the show ring, regularly competing in ridden Mountain and Moorland classes, working hunter pony classes, dressage, show jumping and hunter trials.

Lady was born black but turned grey.  She was steel grey when she came to us as a 3 yo but then started to dapple and as of age 10 is nearly all white.  Grey Fells are also extremely rare in the Fell pony breed, accounting for only 4% of Fell foal registrations in 2000.  The grey color in Fell ponies was believed to be introduced back at the time of King Henry VIII who ordered the slaughter of “short” equines for being of “no use”.  The monks, being of the "White Order", protected many British native pony breeds by hiding them and introduced their preferred color – white (a.k.a. grey) – at that time.

Lady has a number of beautiful foals to her credit, all of which were born jet black.  Her grey foals were also born jet black but had a few grey hairs around the eyes, a telltale sign that the foal will eventually turn grey like its mother.  Grey is a dominant color for which Lady, based on her parentage, is heterozygous.  That is, when bred to our black stallions, she should have a 50/50 chance of producing a black vs. grey foal.  In fact, out of her 6 foals so far, 50% turned grey.

Her offspring include Laurelhighland Sapphire, our daughter's riding pony who is also an excellent broodmare.  Lady's first foal was Laurelhighland Gypsy, who appeared on TV in March 2009 on "Table for Twelve", when the episode featured Special Strides Therapeutic Riding Center where Gypsy "volunteers".  Lady's offspring all seem to have their mother's exceptionally good temperament!

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