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Ludworth Lady Grey
FPS Registration No. FP3347*
Foaled 5/23/99
*(DNA- & Blood-typed)

Ludworth Adam


Heltondale Crown
Heltondale Rover IV FP480C Lunesdale Charles
Heltondale Blooming Heather VII
Greenholme Dusty FP1682 Heltondale Black Prince III
Greenholme Delight
Heltondale Eve of Paradise 18119 Heltondale Heather Lad 5493 Glenwelt
Heltondale Rosanna
Heltondale Topsy III
Heltondale Mountain Prince
Topsy Turvy of Heltondale
Lownthwaite Vanity


Heltondale Duke IV FP227C* Heltondale Hero 6908 Heltondale Sonny Boy
Lunesdale Peggy
Heltondale Blooming Heather VII 18062 Waverhead Model
Heltondale Blooming Heather

Lownthwaite Vanity Fair 15146

Townend Prince 5118 Lunesdale Richard
Waverhead Princess
Lownthwaite Linda II 11930 Blakebeck Boy
Lownthwaite Swell

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