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Lune Valley Dolly
Sire:  Drybarrows Jeff  
Dam:   Lune Valley Janice

1998 Imported Bay Fell Mare
13.2 H
FPS Registration No. FP3264*
Breeder: Mr. I.J. Alexander
Orton, Penrith, Cumbria, England

More Pedigree Information


(Above)  Dolly in early March 2006.  She always makes us laugh "Where's Dolly??!" because her heavy/long forelock completely hides her beautiful face! She needs a windbreak like that here on this snowy mountaintop!)   

As a 3 yo In England prior to import.
(She has a tremendously long mane for her young age!) (Photo courtesy of B Hodgson)

Dolly was successfully shown in hand as a youngster, having won the yearling Fell Class at Skelton and was also crowned Fell Pony Champion at Witherslack.  She has also been started under saddle.  She is a striking bay -- an extremely rare color found in the Fell pony breed, accounting for only 3% of Fell foal registrations in 2000.  In winter and summer she is a stunning bright bay, and in spring and fall she turns a beautiful mahogany color with dapples and all.  She was purchased in 2001 but remained in the UK to be bred prior to import, and arrived here in 2002.  A well-respected Fell breeder in the UK, having seen Dolly just prior to export commented "She is gorgeous!!  It is a pity she is leaving England!!"  But we're so glad to have her here!  She is a daughter of the late Drybarrows Jeff,  1999 Supreme Champion Stallion in the UK.  Dolly was also Fell Pony Champion at Dressage at Devon 2004.

Dolly is is heterozygous for bay and has had both black and bay foals.  That is, when bred to our black stallions, she has a 50/50 chance of producing a black vs. bay/brown foal. 

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