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Welcome to Laurel Highland Farm & Equine Services, LLC, where you will find not only outstanding quality Friesian horses but also very rare Fell ponies!  Currently we are the largest breeder of Fell ponies in North America.  We are also home to a full-service equine veterinary practice that was established back in 1987.

Our mountaintop farm is located in north central Pennsylvania in Cogan Station (just outside of Williamsport, whose only claim to fame is the annual Little League World Series!).  Our farm is named after the beautiful mountain laurel - Pennsylvania's state flower -- which grows wild in this region and throughout the Allegheny mountains.


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(Above left) (logo image) Fell Pony stallions Waverhead Robbie and Waverhead Model IV in harness at Walnut Hill (Photo:  My Star Photography)
(Above  right) Fell Pony and Friesian mares here in the beautiful Allegheny Mountains

 Imported 7-month-old weanlings, Lunesdale Black Caviar (stud colt) and Wellbrow Gypsy Moth (filly) enjoying their first time ever in the snow!

              White-tailed Deer Grazing in Our Hay Fields Along the Driveway

Friesians seem to be the rage these days, but you may ask, "What is a Fell pony?"  The Fell Pony is an ancient breed named after the "hills" or "fells"
of northern England. Friesian horses and Fell ponies are "black beauties" that have a lot in common -- beautiful, suspended gaits with high knee-action, long manes and tails, luxurious "feather", great temperaments, intelligence and trainability. They are sure-footed and versatile, being suitable for all forms of riding (especially dressage) and driving. A big difference between these breeds is about 2-3 hands! Although the majority of Fells are black, Fells also come in other colors like bay and the rare grey.  (Friesians previously came in other colors but through selective breeding since 1920, all colors except for black and the rare chestnut have been eliminated from the Friesian breed.)  White markings are not uncommon in the Fell-- typically in the form of a star or a little white on the hind feet below the fetlocks, but otherwise they are usually solid color.  The only allowed marking in the Friesian breed is the star.  Fells typically stand at 13.2-13.3 hh at maturity and are thus suitable for both small children and average-sized adults. Both breeds are relatively rare in North America, with an estimated 2000 Friesians and around 300 Fells!!

Feel free to browse our web site and learn more about these beautiful, versatile "feathered friends". . . and while you're here, don't forget to sign our Guest Book.  Enjoy!

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