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Laurelhighland English Rose, 2000 filly out of Guards Blossom by Waverhead Prince II, giving Mary Jean 
a "smooch" when just a few hours old.

The Benefits of Imprinting Foals

What is "imprinting"? It is similar to the concept of imprinting ducklings. You know, if the duckling sees you before its mom at birth it will follow you around like its mother?! Imprinting a foal refers to a training technique developed by Dr. Robert Miller, DVM.  But we prefer to think of this technique as "early desensitization" (to humans and other stimuli), because we are also very careful to avoid interfering with the bond (and bonding process) the foal has (and needs) with its own mother.  Nonetheless, at the time of birth, foals can absorb more information than at any other time. Lessons learned at this early age can last a lifetime. Imprint training is efficient (a lesson learned in a few minutes at birth can save HOURS of aggravation later if trying to teach an older foal the same thing). It also gentles the foals and prepares them for schooling later. Early exposures to certain stimuli allow the foals to accept the same stimuli later without fear, especially regarding humans. This technique includes doing things like rubbing the foal all over, pulling at ears, putting on halter, pressure on poll, taking a temperature, picking up feet, making loud noises, etc. It works best if you work with the foal as soon as possible after it is born (even before it stands) and then repeat the exercises within the first 24 hours during the "receptive" period, before the "fight or flight" instinct overpowers the foal's natural curiosity and receptiveness. Immediately after birth, the foal at this stage will usually "let you do anything" with little fuss -- of course there is no guarantee Mom won't fuss but she is often too weary at this stage to fret or even notice, which makes the timing more ideal!  For mothers that immediately attend to their foals after birth, we let them settle first so as not to interfere with their bonding.  But within a short time, mom is hungry and usually won't mind me fussing over the foal while she has something to eat!  If you don't use the technique within this early time frame, it doesn't work. We are believers in this method of training and make every effort to imprint (or desensitize) all our foals in a similar fashion. And when you start with a foal like a Friesian or a Fell that has a genetic predisposition to having a nice temperament, the combination is outstanding. With barn camera surveillance, I was able to work with the Fell pony filly shown above within minutes of birth. (She was literally just hitting the ground when I saw she was born on our barn cameras.) I'm sure this early handling established a bond or trust of humans more easily, allowing her to be willing to briefly leave her mom and come over to me anytime I called, even when she was just days old.  I'm sure her new owners will attest to the fact that she loves people and any attention they will give her!

After this newborn "training", our foals continue to receive daily, individualized care, while also enjoying the additional social benefits of life in a herd.  This combination of herd life and positive human interaction provides the foal with the best social skills possible, helping to prepare them for anything life has to offer!

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 Fell Ponies & Friesians For Sale

bulletFell Ponies




For more information about our breeding stock, see Our Fell Ponies or Our Friesians

Many of our foals have been reserved before birth if not before conception!  Please feel free to contact us for pricing information and currently available Fell pony and Friesian foals and/or weanlings for sale.  We occasionally have older stock for sale.  The list below is not necessarily up-to-date so please contact us directly if you are interested! 

Also, please note that although our foals are in high demand and are often reserved before birth for guaranteed sound/healthy foal, the sale is not finalized until foal is born and guarantee is satisfied.  We have taken many years and great care in selecting top quality breeding stock and take great pride in all of them, and we strive for all of their offspring to live up to the same standard. . .or better! 

Note: Occasionally foals are reserved with a gender guarantee (either as fillies or colts) by return customers.  Since we don't know the gender in advance, a few of these could thus become unexpectedly available after birth if they are born the opposite gender.  If you are interested in going on the waiting list for our foals, please contact us.

Purebred Fell ponies For Sale

All of our Fell pony foundation breeding stock were carefully selected and imported from their native England.


Please see our Facebook page for more updated photos of ponies!


We are currently expecting foals from the following breeding pairs in 2016, including a number by our stunning imported stud colt, Lunesdale Black Caviar.  (See our Facebook page for more information about "Caviar".  His pedigree is exception with 3X FPS Breed Show Champion dam, Lunesdale Rebecca, and 2X FPS Stallion Show Champion sire, Lunesdale Warlord!)  

Note: Any pony listed below which bears the "Laurelhighland" prefix has been bred from the highest quality imported English stock and raised here at our farm.  Those ponies listed below bearing any other "prefix" were imported from England. 

Please contact us for more information if you are interested in any of these foals.

* = Imported from England



2017 Black Colt "Laurelhighland Black Prince II"

(Laurelhighland Tiara X Lunesdale Black Caviar*)

Beautiful 2017 Colt foal foal available by Private Treaty

Extremely athletic with superb conformation and movement, great bone, lots of hair, and very sensible and extremely friendly personality.

(If he was a filly, we would be keeping this one for breeding!!!)  Should make an ideal performance performance prospect under saddle and/or in-harness. 

Born May 2017, he is out of the stunning Laurelhighland Tiara and is by the imported stallion, Lunesdale Black Caviar.

Above and below: Pictured at about 6 months old

Below: Pictured at 3 months old (before he shed out his foal coat to black)

Below: Pictured as newborn

Below: Pictured as newborn alongside his dam, 4 yo Laurelhighland Tiara

Below: 4 yo Lunesdale Black Caviar -- the sire of Laurelhighland Black Prince II


2018 Fell Pony Foals Due:


Murthwaite Natasha* X Lunesdale Black Caviar*

(Foal is expected to be black)


Wellbrow Gypsy Moth* X Waverhead Model IV*

(Foal is expected to be black)


Laurelhighland Treasure X Waverhead Model IV*

(Foal is expected to be black)

(Laurelhighland Treasure is out of Hades Hill Freya X Waverhead Robbie)


Lune Valley Dolly* X Waverhead Model IV*

(Foal has 50/50 chance of being bay vs. black)

Available as colt foal only


Laurelhighland Diva X Waverhead Model IV*

(Foal has 50/50 chance of being bay vs. black)

(Laurelhighland Diva is out of Lune Valley Dolly X Brackenbank Romany's Prince)

Available as colt or black filly only (bay filly reserved)


Ludworth Lady Grey* X Lunesdale Black Caviar*

(Newborn foal expected to have black base color but has 50/50 chance of turning grey like its dam)

Available as colt or black filly only (grey filly reserved)


Laurelhighland Sapphire X Lunesdale Black Caviar*

(Newborn foal expected to have black base color but has 50/50 chance of turning grey like its dam)

(Sapphire is out of Ludworth Lady Grey* X Waverhead Robbie*)

Available as colt or black filly only (grey filly reserved)


Guards Blossom* X Laurelhighland Union Jack

(Laurelhighland Union Jack is out of Laurelhighland Athena X Waverhead Robbie)

(Foal is expected to be black)

Available as colt foal only


We are not expecting 2018 foals out of our other broodmares as they are all enjoying the year off from breeding!


2016 Fell Pony Foals  (More pix of foals on our Facebook page here.)


"Laurelhighland Flash" (Castle Hill Dainty* X Lunesdale Black Caviar*) -- *SOLD* (to a great home in New Hampshire!)

Beautiful 2016 Colt foal unexpectedly available (had been reserved as a filly only!)  He is solid black.  Contact us for further information and pricing.

"Laurelhighland Lucky Tom" (Murthwaite Natasha* X Askham Gate Lucky Tom**) -- *SOLD*
**(stallion in UK)

Stunning Black colt foal imported in utero  (Foal coat is almost grulla but will shed out to black like both of his parents.)


"Laurelhighland Poppy" (Laurelhighland Athena X Lunesdale Black Caviar*) -- *SOLD* (to a great home in Michigan!)
Gorgeous 2016 Black Fell Pony Filly  (LH Athena is out of Brackenbank Poppy* X Waverhead Model IV*)


Laurelhighland Mayblossom (Laurelhighland Duchess X Lunesdale Black Caviar*) -- (Not available - retained for future breeding)
(LH Duchess is out of Lownthwaite Orange Blossom* X Waverhead Model IV*)


Laurelhighland Rose Blossom (Sleddale Wild Rose V* X Waverhead Model IV*) -- *SOLD* in utero (to a great home in Missouri!)

Laurelhighland Reyna (Ludworth Lady Grey* X Laurelhighland Union Jack) -- *SOLD* in utero (to a great home in California!)
(grey filly)

Laurelhighland Nightingale (Laurelhighland Piper X Waverhead Model IV*) -- (Not available - retained for future breeding)
(LH Piper is out of Laurelhighland Lyric X Brackenbank Romany's Prince*)

Laurelhighland Tango (Laurelhighland Lyric X Lunesdale Black Caviar*) -- (Not available - retained for future breeding)
(LH Lyric is out of Lownthwaite Evelyn* X Waverhead Robbie*)


Laurelhighland Lilac (Lunesdale Rock Rose* X Lunesdale Black Caviar*) -- *SOLD* (to a great home in Michigan!)

Unless otherwise noted, foals are expected to have black adult color.


All Fell pony foals are "imprinted" (desensitized to humans when they are newborns), extensively handled, halter-trained, DNA-tested, microchipped,

and registered with the Fell Pony Society (UK) before transfer to new owner.

Laurelhighland Pandora FP5396*  --- *SOLD* (to great home in New Hampshire!)
Laurelhighland Athena X Brackenbank Romany's Prince

**Rare opportunity to acquire one of our older ponies!**

Laurelhighland Pandora is a beautiful, jet black, purebred, FPS-registered Fell Pony mare that was professionally started under saddle this year. She is smart, good-natured and generally easy to handle, and seems to enjoy working under saddle. She is approx. 13 hh and well put-together with compact but powerful build, excellent bone and deep girth. She has a beautiful head and lots of straight/silky feather. She has a decent mane (growing back after she unfortunately damaged it grazing between fence rails!) and should eventually be quite long again! We are only considering selling her to a good home as our daughter is too busy with school and does not have time to ride her, and it is a shame that she is not being ridden and enjoyed! She has not yet been bred but she is FIS-clear. She is very well-bred -- her sire was champion colt at the FPS Breed Show before import; and all grandparents are champion ponies as well, including 4X FPS Stallion Supreme Champion Murthwaite Look at Me. If we do not find a good home that is a good match for her, she will not be sold but would probably breed her next year, as we expect her to make an excellent broodmare. Serious inquiries only -- please contact info@laurelhighland.com for pricing information and other questions about her.

Photos are from last winter and this summer -- both during and after training.


Video below is of our lovely Champion stallion, Waverhead Model IV, great-grandsire of the filly we currently have for sale and sire of several upcoming foals in 2015.  Waverhead Model IV usually stamps
his offspring with his great bone and fantastic movement.  He also has foals to his credit in England and Belgium, bred via AI.


Ludworth Lady Grey X Laurelhighland Union Jack -- 2014 Black Filly "Laurelhighland Misty"**  by Private Treaty -- *SOLD* (to great home in New York!)

"Misty" is a super-friendly, very quiet-natured filly with excellent conformation and movement and excellent bone.  She is a nice strong filly and should make 13.2-13.3.  She is very closely-related to our Supreme Champion mare, Laurelhighland Sapphire (same dam and their sires are father and son.)  She is also a full sister of Laurelhighland Jack of Diamonds (pictured below on this page), who was exported to Alberta, Canada and has passed the stallion licensing exam required by the Fell Pony Society.  Jack of Diamonds also recently won Reserve Supreme Championship in-hand at the Wild Rose Welsh and Open Pony Shoow in Canada.  For more information, please contact us.

And just for fun, check out this little "video" of Misty. . . telling it like it is!  ;-)



2012 colts as yearlings, pictured together late May, 2013.  Laurelhighland Model is shown on left, and Laurelhighland Jack of Diamonds is shown on right. 

Jack of Diamonds was subsequently exported to Alberta, Canada and young Model became Nebraska's first Fell pony!


  Purebred FriesianS For Sale

Sofia vom Lindenbaum* X Anton 343
*(a.k.a. Sophia Pandora v.L., Star, who was Reserve Champion Friesian at Dressage at Devon 1999)

"Friso van Laurel"
2009 Colt - FHANA/FPS Reg. #840004200901

Friso is a stunning Friesian stud colt with a gorgeous head, great temperament, lots of hair and fabulous trot!  His sire is
the famous Anton 343 (shown below) who is well-known for his tremendous amount of hair and stunning good looks!
(Photos below at approx. 6 weeks of age)

Photos below of Friso in March 2010

Friesian foals are imprinted, extensively handled, halter-trained, DNA-tested, and registered.

Note that following the passing of our beloved Friesian mare, Sofia, we are not currently expecting any more Friesian foals at this time. 

We hope that eventually we will find a suitable replacement for Sofia but she was one in a million! :-(
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