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To see some examples of our Friesian horses' offspring,

Above:  Sophia with 2005 filly by Romeo, Ritskje von Laurel

Sophia Pandora v.L., Star
Thomas X Fraukje R., Model

1997 Imported Friesian Mare
16.1 hh 
FPS/FHANA Registration No. 199703004
FPZV Registration No. S112229597
More Pedigree Information

Sophia at trot (DAD).jpg (13941 bytes)
(Top Left) Sophia pictured as 3-year-old  during the 2000 FHS/FPZV Judging Tour where she earned "Preliminary Star".  She recently passed Mare Performance Test 2002 in Dressage and Driving to make the designation permanent.
(Bottom Left) Sophia pictured as 2-year-old at Dressage at Devon 1999 where she was crowned "Reserve Champion" in the Friesian class, losing only to her stable mate, Josephine (shown below).  The judge was a Dutch "O" judge from the Netherlands.

(Top Right) Sophia pictured as 4-year-old with  pasturemate Hannah (2002 filly out of Josephine).
(Bottom Right) Sophia pictured as 4-year-old
with our 14-year-old niece, Jessica O'Donnell.

"Sophia" is an imported, beautiful mare who has inherited her sire's fabulous movement!  Like many Friesians, she has a wonderful, easy-going disposition and willingness to please, as well as a wonderfully long mane! Like Josephine, she also had a terrific year by earning the title of Reserve Champion Friesian at Dressage at Devon 1999 (pictured above)!   Sophia was presented for Studbook/Star at the FHS/FPZV Keuring in 2000 and earned "Preliminary Star" status based on her beautiful conformation and movement.  She recently made the designation permanent by successfully completing the FHS/FPZV Mare Performance Testing in both driving and dressage in January 2002, earning very high scores from the FN judges from Germany.

In 2007, Sophia came full-circle in her registry affiliation.  That is, Sophia was presented for the (Dutch) FPS/FHANA Keuring in September 2007 for the first time, and at the age of 10 she earned a 3rd premie and was entered into the Dutch FPS Studbook.  Not bad for our dear old gal (and not bad especially for one with a German brand on her hindquarters!)  Although her original FPZV registration was turned back over to FPS, she is still effectively dual-registered in the FPZV and FPS Studbooks, also having registered offspring in both of these registries.  Her official FPS name is "Sofia vom Lindenbaum", which was the name on her birth certificate with FPS.  (Her original owner had never presented her as a foal to FPS for Keuring, but rather to FPZV, even though she was fully eligible for FPS registration.  Her mother had been imported in foal from the Netherlands to Germany, where Sophia was born, and from there Sophia was imported to the USA as a weanling.)

Sophia's 2003 foal by Wicher, 1996 FPS/World Champion Friesian Stallion, was sold prior to conception.  Her 2004, 2005, and 2006 foals by Romeo were sold in utero or before conception.  Her 2009 FPS/FHANA-registered colt by Anton 343 was sold.

Sadly, Sophia (a.k.a. Sofia) passed away suddenly from colic caused by idiopathic gastric rupture, as confirmed by autopsy.  We were just devastated!  She was a lovely horse and we miss her terribly!  R.I.P. Sophia!!

For more information, contact us.  

Romeo is shown below as a 5-year-old (Photo by Tobe Saskor 2002)

Romeo" shown below as a 3-year-old at 2000 FHS/FPZV Stallion Keuring -- HE PASSED 
and won the title "Reserve Champion"!!!  Only the very best stallions make it this far -- Hurray!! He successfully completed the
50-day Stallion Performance Test in dressage, driving, heavy draft pull
 and jumping and is now approved for breeding by FHS/FPZV . . . We're so proud!!

***** *****

Romeo de Roza
Aswyn van de Pluum, Preferent X Rozalinda, Star

1997 Approved Friesian Stallion
FPZV Registration No. H044639197
More Pedigree Information

romeo18.jpg (41021 bytes)
Romeo in 1997 alongside his dam 
(bottom right) 
and in 1999 (above left and top right).  His beautiful dam "Rozalinda" was the centerfold Friesian shown in Horse Illustrated (June 2000)

romeoexttrot.jpg (23960 bytes)

"Romeo" is a beautiful, young stallion who has inherited his sire's fabulous looks and both his parents' terrific movement!  This past winter, Romeo competed in open dressage competition for the first time and won both classes his first time out!  He is also trained under harness and is a willing and able jumper, too.   Romeo has passed the FHS/FPZV Stallion Keuring in 2000 and was Reserve Champion (see above).  He also passed the 50-day Stallion Performance Test and is APPROVED for breeding by FHS/FPZV.  Like his stable mates shown below, Romeo is considered somewhat of a hybrid between "Baroque" and a "sport horse-type" Friesian, but leaning more toward "Baroque" with tons and tons of hair!  His beautiful conformation is well-suited for riding in addition to driving.  He is a true jet black -- a rarity amongst Friesians -- and has tremendous mane and feather. 

We sold Romeo some years ago, after he was approved, to someone who was going to show him, and retained breeding rights.  At the time our children were very little and with illness in the family as well, we felt we could not do him justice by keeping him as a pasture ornament.  For many years we were able to offer stud services for purebred or cross-breeding to select mares via cooled, shipped semen.  However, through no fault of his own, Romeo was sold again and now stands in Mexico, so we are unable to offer stud services at this time.

Romeo is by far one of the most beautiful horses we have ever known.  We wish him all the best and hope he is happy in his new home!

Shown above as a 3-year-old in training at Proud Meadows in January 2000.  Here, after only only 6 weeks of training under saddle, Romeo shows tremendous potential in dressage!  (Ridden by German rider/trainer Brigitte Schickentanz)



Josephine de Mona, Model
Aswyn van de Pluum X Klaske van Ramonaheim, Star

1995 Friesian Mare
16.0 hh
FPZV Registration No. S042951095
More Pedigree Information

JOSIE AT 1999 JUDGING (TROT)2.jpg (14077 bytes)

JosieatDevon.jpg (42739 bytes)
Josephine is shown at left in 1999 as she earned a First Premium Award at the FHS/FPZV Annual Judging/Keuring when she achieved the highest score by any mare in North America and Germany and was crowned "Grand Champion Friesian 1999"!  She repeated this feat in 2001 with another First Premium Award and was again crowned "Grand Champion Friesian 2001".  She is shown above as she earned the title "Champion Friesian" at Dressage at Devon, 1999.

"Josephine" (Romeo's half sister) is an beautiful  mare with distinctively feminine appearance and fabulous gaits.  She is descended from a long line of FPS "ladies", including multiple Model/Preferant mares.  Josephine is living up to that standard, having earned a 1rst Premium and Preliminary Star status at the 1999 FPZV/FHS Keuring, for which she was Grand Champion Friesian of both North America and Germany!  Less than 2 weeks later, Josephine was again crowned Champion Friesian at Dressage at Devon 1999.  Josephine was awarded Preliminary Model at the 2001 FHS/FPZV Keuring and was once again crowned Grand Champion Friesian!!  She recently successfully completed the Mare Performance Test 2002 in both dressage and driving, earning Reserve Champion for her performance from the FN judges from Germany.

Josephine at the FHS/FPZV Mare Performance Testing 2000 (Proud Meadows, Cedar Hill, TX).  (Left) Final Test in Dressage with Rider/Trainer Sabine Schut-Kery.  (Right) Final Test in Driving with Rider/Driver Ryan Weatherford.

Unlike FPS, FPZV requires "Star" and "Model" mares to successfully pass performance tests in driving and dressage.  In January, 2000, Josephine made the designation "Preliminary Star" permanent by successfully passed FPZV/FHS Mare Performance Testing ("MPT") at Proud Meadows (Cedar Hill, TX).  In January 2002, she made the "Model" designation permanent by her outstanding performance at the MPT.  Josephine is in foal to FPZV-approved Friesian stallion "Tinus" -- 1999 USDF Horse of the Year at 2nd Level, 2000 USDF Horse of the Year at 3rd Level and 2001 USDF Horse of the Year at 4th Level!! . . . "Dressage at Devon Champion Friesian" X "USDF Horse of the Year" -- what a fabulous dressage prospect this should be!!  This 2002 foal was sold prior to conception.   
For more information, contact us.

Latest Update:  Josephine has been sold :(  More details to follow. . .

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