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The Fell Pony Family Album provides a detailed pedigree analysis of this endangered breed,
which will hopefully aid in global breed conservation and awareness, as well as extensive information
about the breed and its history. 

After 9 years in the making, this book will soon (finally!) be published . . .
Check back again for ordering information! 

Highlights of the book include:

  • Complete list of currently licensed stallions worldwide with photos from around the globe, including many historical photos and historical information about the breed in each country
  • Complete list of registered Fell pony prefixes, including historical information about many longstanding breeders and enthusiasts, such as the Royal Family and Beatrix Potter.
  • Extensive Fell Pony Stallion Family Tree, including all stallions which ever produced registered Fells. 
    The tree extends back before the studbook opened, all the way to a stallion foaled in 1702 AD!
  • Comprehensive Stallion Index of stallions shown in the tree, including data such as sire, dam, maternal grandsire, color, markings, etc.  Each stallion in the index is catalogued so as to easily locate him on the tree. This allows one to visualize much of the pedigree on any registered pony, simply by knowing sire and maternal grandsire, in a matter of seconds!
  • The history includes information about this ancient breed you won't find anywhere else, based on the author's own research comparing equine fossils with modern Fell radiographs
  • Additional chapters include information about winners at the Breed and Stallion Shows, the breed standard, Fell colors and color genetics, markings, as well as breeding considerations for a small gene pool.

Proceeds from The Fell Pony Family Album will benefit Fell Foal Syndrome Research and the Fell Pony Society (UK)

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